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Reflection and discussion about Design Practice, Arts, Teaching.

I started writting blog posts about Sharing Design Practice during Outreachy Program, I worked then as a Designer for Mozilla Foundation. I wish here to continue sharing my reflection.

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Post #01 – Engagement

Post #01 – Engagement

What is engagement? How could engagement look like?
Why do we commit to do something? What for? Who for?
We become engaged from the moment we want to show dedication to a cause. What is a cause? What is worth being supported? Can each of us commit her/himself? How?

When do we choose to commit ourselves? What is the trigger?
We choose to commit ourselves when we can't remain in the same position anymore. When we need to take action. Or when we need to get involved in a chosen cause. Or when we want to share our time, energy, skills to support things we believe in and what matters to us.

Why do we get committed to a cause? To serve something which we value more than what is going on in our daily life. To move things forward and contribute to the community. To be helpful even if it is only to one person.